How to reuse the roller
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How to reuse the roller

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Achieving the recycling use of roll must meet the following basic requirements:

1. The service life of roller repaired once is greater than or equal to that of original roll. If the performance of the working layer of the roller is consistent with original roll after repaired, the working layer thickness of unilateral should be increased from 80mm to 100 mm. If the quality of work layer is higher than that of original roll, the thickness of work layer can be properly reduced.

2. In the repair process of roller, roller matrix remained basically unchanged and can be used repeatedly, and roll matrix stress state is in good condition after repaired.

3. The new work layer is well combined with the roller matrix, which can withstand the complicated stress state, and there is no relative sliding, the work layer peeling, cracking and other defects.

4. The new work layer has high peeling resistance, good abrasion resistance and anti fatigue performance. There is no defect in work layer, and the hardness and structure is well-distributed. 

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